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May 10, 2023

Ladies, we are talking about the gut!! There is so much BS information on the interwebs that we need to dissect this and speak to a professional about this topic! Someone like Jade Etter, who knows her stuff! Jade Etter is with the Resilient Gut and we are talking about our GUT HEALTH and Jade brings it to us so simply and matter-of-factly that we can understand! And I love that about her.  She is cutting through the bullshit for us and helping us figuring out what the hell it is and what we need to do about it! 

Today we talk about everything from gut health to heartburn, to the brain-stomach connection and how they communicate with one another, to our microbiome and constipation, to probiotics and even stomach acid! We cover so much in this time; you need to take a listen.  This interview was so informative and really eye-opening! 


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