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Fit Girl Magic | Healthy Living For Women Over 40

Aug 30, 2023

Tired of feeling out of control when it comes to menopause?  Want to learn more about what's happening in your body?

Today we talk about the Greene Climacteric Scale, and how you can use it to track all the changes your body is going through during menopause. It’s a comprehensive tool that can help give you peace of mind. This scale will provide you with tips on how to better manage your own symptoms at this stage in life. Throughout this Fit Girl Magic podcast, I'll be imparting my personal experiences so that no one else feels like they’re navigating this journey alone. This show isn't just for those entering into menopause--it's for anyone who could benefit from understanding better overall female health!

Have a listen and I hope this podcast episode helps you to find some much needed relief!  


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If you're over 35 and curious about your menopausal status, I've got a handy checklist of symptoms to help clue you in. So grab this menopause tracker and take back the reins!


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